Red Moon workshop

Red Moon is probably one of the most well know books on menstruation. It was written by Miranda Gray, an English teacher, writer, illustrator, Reiki master and healer.
I believe books come to you whenever we need them so Red Moon came to me a long time ago, I was looking to know more about the cycle and I found Miranda Gray, since that moment I have always wanted to meet her, she seemed my kind of woman!  
I have helped Miranda in the past with translations of her work into Spanish, work that is available for Spanish speakers on her website but I wanted to do more than that and so after years of exchanging emails and talking about doing something together we have finally decided it was the time!
I invite you to come to this wonderful two day workshop inspired on Miranda’s book RED MOON.
The workshop is open to all women of all ages, who are already into their cycles, women new to this work, mothers with daughters coming of age; grandmothers wanting to pass this beautiful knowledge to their family, ANY WOMAN is welcomed!  
For more information, check my details on the flyer and for bookings you can do so through Miranda Gray’s website
When: 17 & 18 December
Venue: The Hall at In-spire, The Crypt at St. Peter’s, Liverpool Grove, London, SE17 2HH
Cost: £50 (student concessions £35)
Come and celebrate being a woman!


  1. I have never before thought much about my cycle and what it might mean for my own creativity interesting!!Thanks for sharing your wisdom about this rarely discussed topic. Samx

  2. Thank you Sam! I love your blog, it would be very interested to find out when do you feel the most creative, in which part of your cycle...take and note and come back and share! lost of love xx

  3. Oh I would love to come to this, if only it weren't so far away. If you ever do anything near Gloucester, I'll be there like a shot!

  4. Oh what a shame Clare! I will ask Miranda.


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