Womens circle

I am a circle

I am healing you
You are a circle
You are healing me

U-oo-oo-nite us, be one

U-oo-oo-nite us, be as o-u-u-ne

spiritual song for women
unknown author 
click on the image to see the video


  1. Glad to have found your beautiful blog - love it! Am popping you up on my blog roll - do stop by and visit me at Dreaming Aloud where I talk women's circles, moon time and living philosophy
    And my new website www.thehappywomb.com for woman craft and happy wombs!!

  2. Hahahahaha!!!! The security word thing was 'horing'!!!

  3. This is a beautiful remeinder of the importance of remebering how we are all connected and can help each other.
    Thank-you for sharing.

  4. Thank you Lucy! I have already been to your blog, your face looks very familiar :) I will add you to mine too. Thanks for stopping by ...

  5. Thank you Petrea! we all heal by listening to our sisters stories by knowing we are not alone. Lots of love xxx


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