Womb Blessing

Womb Blessing training workshop in London

It's already been twelve days since I took the Womb Blessing Training workshop and I feel the energies are still working through me. I feel the initiation/blessing has served as a firmer validation of who I am and my path, although there is still a lot to be done.  

The Womb Blessing training workshop was a very powerful, emotional and beautiful experience and it was lovely to finally meet Miranda Gray as we had been speaking about organizing something together for quiet sometime.

We are now 14 Moon Mothers in England which you will be able to contact for one on one Womb Blessings and Womb Healings. It was a real blessing meeting women from all over the country who are already doing some kind of work in the areas of sacred sexuality, menstrual work, rites of passage, Reiki, herbalism, family constellations, energy work, Divine Feminine, etc.

In our new role as Moon Mothers we will be helping Miranda during the next Distant Womb Blessing which I feel it’s going to be wonderful experience, not only because we are more women this time but because we might feel a stronger energy, who knows!

I really hope the number of Moon Mothers around the globe keeps growing as the more we are the more we will be able to help on distant blessings as well as on individual sessions, which only means we will be able to acompany more and more women on their journey.

As from yesterday we were 13,000 women registered for the Free Distant Womb Blessing. However, it seems women from the US and Canada are not very much involved, so if you are reading this and you are from this part of the world, please come and join us!

If you still don’t know what the Womb Blessing is, you can read about it here, and if you decide you want to join us just remember to register before the 3rd of May as registrations close that day.  

The Womb Blessing is a women only event, so why not gather with your best friends, family members and create your own circle of women. If you are in doubt about whether you should take part, just head over here, where you will be able to read what other women have been asking.  

I really hope you can join us!

Belinda, Moon Mother x

Having successful conversations about periods

It has been quite an intense few weeks but I’m really happy to be back with a guest post from a lovely friend and fellow student at Alexandra Pope’s apprenticeship program.

Jo Macdonald is the owner of The Red Box Company, an online shop that offers beautifully wrapped boxes full of essentials for a girls first moon

But Jo is not only making periods a positive experience by selling her products, she is also running A celebration day for girls, a workshop where she helps mums and daughters deepen their connection by opening to a subject that most mums and girls alike feel very anxious about.

I invite you to have a look at Jo's website and to find out more check her blog The Red Lifestyle where she post on a regular basis about periods, puberty, PMS and much more! 

Thank you Jo for sharing these wise words


In her amazing book A Blessing not a Curse Jane Bennett tells the true story of ‘a girl who had no knowledge of menstruation when she first started to bleed.  She felt utterly devastated and alone.  Having no-one she felt she could confide in, she committed suicide.’    

As a woman and a mother I find this story heart-breaking.  I’m sure you do too.  So many of us worry about how to talk to our daughter’s about periods, what to say, when to say it etc.  We can go round and round in circles worrying about it and forget that the only thing that actually matters is SAYING SOMETHING.  It doesn’t matter if you get it all right, it just matters that you START THE CONVERSATION

Girls who feel prepared and positive about their periods are more likely to:

~ have a more positive view of their body and self as a female
~ have a closer relationship with their family
~ delay first sexual experiences
~ suffer less with menstrual issues such as PMS
~ have an easier time during pregnancy and labour later on in life

Here are some of my top tips for having a successful conversation about periods and puberty with your daughter:

1            Puberty can start as young as 7/8 so the earlier you start preparing your daughter for the changes ahead the better it will be.  Age-appropriate conversations about growing-up and body changes set the foundation for a healthy respect and understanding of the changes ahead.  If your daughter is older, don’t feel as though you’ve ‘left it too late so why bother’ – it is never too late to help your daughter feel positive about periods and puberty.   

2            ‘Do as I say and not as I do’ just doesn’t cut it with periods.  Your daughter needs to see that you have a healthy relationship with your own menstrual cycle, or are at least working towards one.   Remember to use positive language.  If you refer to periods as ‘the curse’ or a ‘real drag’ you will be setting her up for a lifetime of menstrual problems as well as a negative image of her own body.  She needs to understand that menstruation is a normal and powerful part of being a woman so she can feel powerful in herself and respect her femininity.

3            Remember that your daughter is new to menstruation and needs as much information as possible.  Don’t assume that all of this will get covered in school.  Grab some books to read together, look on the internet, talk to others and check out all the different choices available when it comes to menstrual products.

4            If she doesn’t want to talk about periods then leave it for a while but do make sure you come back to the topic again as she will take on board the information you give her – even if it is drip-fed and she doesn’t say thanks!

For more information on successful conversations you can download my free book 7 top tips for talking to your daughter about periods and puberty

Your daughter only gets her first period once but will continue to menstruate for around 35 years.  It’s worth taking the time to make sure it is a positive experience and that her menstrual cycle becomes a positive, empowering part of her life not a curse.

For more information you can visit my website www.theredboxcompany.com    

Consciously celebrating your pregnancy

I feel truly lucky to be part of different online women groups as it gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful women from all over the world. Women who are willing to share their path with other sisters so openly…so, today I have a beautiful guest from Germany and I am so excited about it!!!  

She is a beautiful goddess, mama, doula and a holistic pregnancy and birth coach who runs a website called Happy Within where she guides mamas-to-be worldwide to an extraordinary, powerful, life changing pregnancy and birth initiation. She is the beautiful Nora Amala Bugdoll or Nora for friends like you and me!
When I asked Nora if she would be willing to be my guest she immediately said YES! I felt so blessed by her email, her words and when I finally received her creations, I was so astounded at the beauty of her writing and her painting!
Nora talks on a regular basis about pregnancy and the spiritual transformation that comes with it. I get asked many times about this topic on email and facebook, and I could tell you what I know about it from an intellectual point of view but I haven’t gone through it myself so I am not the best person to talk about it but Nora is. So, make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of green tea, relax and enjoy Nora’s words from her womb to us…


When you are a woman who is conscious about the power that lies in her blood cycle, you won´t give up your body-soul-power entering a pregnancy. But mainstream pregnancy literature has nothing to say in this direction. So I am glad to share some insights and starting points today with you.

Our monthly blood is our body-connection to earth and part of our female wisdom. That's how it was seen in non-patriarchal cultures and how some of us decided to see it again. So when a woman does not give back her wise blood to earth but keeps it inside, she is growing a baby out of it, or otherwise keep it in her body and become a wise elder. This is biologically not true but its a really precise and empowering metaphor. So the woman is using her divine power to co-create this baby.

Pregnancy and Birth are a powerful initiation for your entire life and it will get more positive-powerful the more you are aware of it, although it will affect your entire life wether you like it or not and not only because you then will have a precious child but also because the way you will experience this transformation.

Modern society doesn’t encourage us to experience pregnancy from a point of personal power and responsibility, the opposite is true. But you can do it anyway – a path that will probably lead you more towards natural birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting – your heart can guide you in these topics and if this isn’t you that´s fine too. Just stay in your own power, entering this new phase of your life. And this will be challenging enough, because everything changes. Literally every part of your body is affected and will change as well as your mind and psyche does and your baby does while growing inside your womb.

As the thread of consistency (in my mother tongue we call this the red(!) thread) in your pregnancy journey to connect with that strength you can use ritual and self-exploring through writing and drawing combined with connection which is a way to celebrate your path.

For that reason it is very helpful if you set up a pregnancy altar or a pregnancy corner. This can be a space that is dedicated to your own woman-power in general – to which pregnancy and birth are a part of. This corner or altar is there to help you remembering the power in you and reconnecting to it. You can add every touching positive empowering picture or everything that directly refers to pregnancy and birth from a point of women wisdom.

To be able to feel the connection and power during the ups and downs of pregnancy you will find it extremely helpful to deeply connect with other women. And if you connect from heart with other pregnant women or mothers you respect, you will feel probably more nourished and fulfilled as this is a connection every pregnant women at some level longs for. This is really helping your psyche in the transformation process if it is a woman-circle not only a fear- and comparing-centred chat with others. You can find this kind of experience in general spiritual women circles, in red tent gatherings and birth art cafe gatherings as well as in my virtual birthcircle.

A simple ritual you can do alone, as well as with a friend or a professional, is painting your belly. How about trying this out even if you still have your normal size belly. Just create a little self-love ritual around it, nourishing your senses: light some candles, play some music, maybe burn an incense  and embellish your belly with doodles and patterns. This powerful temple of life.
Later in pregnancy you for sure can´t wait to do this when your belly is rounded :) You really honour and cherish your body every time you are doing this.

And this is only the beginning. Get yourself a blank book or booklet and start a pregnancy journal. But the important things are not how much weight you gained and what symptoms you feel – although you can note this too. The important things are your feelings. Your sorrows, fears, thoughts. Take them seriously and write them down. This encourages your own wisdom, to show up and lead you to own insights for feeling better.

These are the simple steps to start experiencing a new and  life changing dimension of your pregnancy.

If you want to learn more, visit Happy Within and join Nora's online birthcircle!