About me

Meztlicihuatl is a joint Nahuatl word (one of Mexico’s many native languages). Meztli means moon and Cihautl means woman. Meztli is also used when referring to our internal moon, hence why the name of the blog.  We are all Moon Women, cyclical just like grandmother Meztli and medicine women by nature. The different phases during our cycle and the gifts that these bring us only emphasize our beauty and our connection to the Universe and this is what I would love to share here with you.

Who am I?
My name is Belinda and I come from Mexico although I have lived abroad for many years. In my travels I’ve had the pleasure of living in wonderful lands such as Belgium, Germany, Italy, Prague, India, and the sacred lands of Avalon. For many years, I traveled and moved from place to place, finding that the only constant was my pain, in all its forms.

After searching for answers in all sorts of traditions, gurus and books, I finally came to understand that the answer was inside my body; in fact, it had actually been speaking to me all along.

My womb cried out loud every single month since I can remember. At age 16 I was admitted into hospital for menstrual cramps, I then took the pill to regulate my cycle and I was given one of the strongest medications in order to numb my pain. But not even the strongest medication could heal me, as the root of my problems where not so much physical but spiritual.

It wasn’t until I started reconnecting with my moon blood that everything shifted; I started healing faster than ever before. I didn’t need any pills, all I needed was to LOVE, ACCEPT & HONOR myself, my body, my blood, and all the parts of me that scream I AM A WOMAN, I AM A GODDESS and it’s perfectly OK to be so. In fact, IT IS THE MOST AMAZING THING EVER!

After twelve years of conscious healing, amazing discoveries, beautiful women's circles and wonderful people. I now see the world with different eyes, but most importantly, I no longer suffer menstrual problems as I have finally made peace with myself.

My aim with this site is to help you awaken to your own feminine power and empower you on your own path of self-discovery and healing through conscious menstruation, self-care practices and loving moon energy. By learning the mysteries of the cycles, learn to love our juices and the complexities of been a woman your inner Goddess will start to shine!

What are you waiting for? A new life awaits you! 

With love