Happy International Women's Day!

Today we have a double celebration, yeee!!! International Women’s Day and Full Moon in Virgo!!!

Congratulations to all of us, to the women who read this blog and the ones who don’t, the ones I know personally and the ones I don’t too.

What does this day mean to you? What does it mean to be a woman? How do you celebrate it? How do you value your feminine spirit? And what are your own relationships with women like?

Today I ask myself how we can expand this feeling of love, happiness and sisterhood to the remaining 364 days of the year. How can we bring this feeling to the sisters we don’t know? To the woman we find on the road, on the bus, in the supermarket, in the queue to the cash point, in the office?  

Living in a masculine world has created and unhealthy competition among women, plenty times we are full of prejudices, jealousy and envy towards our sisters. Today, I want us to reflect on the sister who makes us feel like this and think of her as you, see your own reflection in her. We are all mirrors, so take a good look at yourself! She has the same body, the same ideas, the same fears. Help her, hold her, understand her, have compassion towards her, she is your own feminine spirit that yearns and looks for validation.   

Today we can change this idea and celebrate us, dance together as one. Let’s carry this feeling of sisterhood to other circles and not isolate ourselves in a small circle where we feel safe and comfortable. Let’s get out there and explore, because I assure you, that in that place where you weren’t looking you will find another women yearning for the same things than you do.

In the book The Double Goddess, Vicky Noble talks about the feminine duality and how this imagery of the double Goddesses can represent the two opposite sides of our cycle. One represents menstruation and the other one ovulation. This is exactly what I would love us to notice when we meet another sister, another Goddess. We could very well be in opposite sides of the cycle, however we are part of the same cycle, we are one.   

Today we have a full moon in Virgo, an earth sign and a feminine sign! This moon asks us to take action, to reap what we have sown, to leave once and for all the things that no longer serve us and are not align with our true life purpose. In the old days Virgo was related to
Ishtar, Innana and Demeter so we can say that these three goddess represent the Trinity so what else can we ask for in this day!  

Today is time to take firmer steps towards our goals, steps that will require thinking and planning. Virgo makes things tangible and the full moon is always a time of celebration, of action, revelation and inspiration. Wait for that wonderful idea; reap your dreams y see the positive results that this day can bring into your life.

I wish love in your hearts today and every day and don't forget to smile to that strange woman as she walks past!

Much love x

Womb Blessing training workshop in London

Today I am really excited as I can finally tell you what has been cooking for the last month :)
For those of you who participated in the Womb Blessing last February would probably know more about what I am about to tell you. For those of you who don’t know yet about the Womb Blessing, here it is Miranda’s explanation about what it is:
‘This Womb Blessing attunement is a simple gift - a gift to every woman of any age and experience who would like to receive it - of energy to bring healing to our femininity, to our womb and its cycle, to our creativity and fertility, to our sexuality and spirituality.
The attunement restores our natural purity and beauty, abundance and love, creativity and magic, and our wisdom and strength. It frees us from the past, from limiting expectations, and guilt and hurt, and releases the soul-felt joy and expression of women's power and beauty. It is a beautiful blessing and restoration of light for women's souls in a harsh and masculine world.’
The 1st Womb Blessing last February given by Miranda Gray had an amazing participation of over 6,000 women around the planet!
The day of the blessing was an amazing day, it was so beautiful and sunny during the day and we had the most amazing silver full moon that night. The attunement to the blessing caused many women to feel joy and positive changes in their lives which prompted them to ask more about this beautiful energy work. How they could learn it or how could they pass it into other women.
2012 is the year of the feminine; we are feeling the feminine more than ever and this energy is grounding us deeply into mamma earth. For those of you who have been doing this kind of work for quite some time, 2012 feels like a firmer step towards who you are. For women who are new to this work, this year feels like a true awakening, they feel a sudden urge to change the old patters and express their natural femininity.
Whatever you are in your life, we all need this energy, we all need to come back to our pure essence, we need to heal personal and collective pain and we need to share our awakening and love with other women so we can all heal. Miranda’s role in the Womb Blessing is to be a channel of the Divine Feminine energy and with this Womb Blessing Training workshop, she hopes to pass this onto other women so we can all spread this beautiful loving energy onto more and more women.
It's beacuse of this that Miranda feels it is important to pass this energy and spread the blessing by teaching other women how to be the channels themselves and spread this healing onto more wombs.

The training workshop is a two day workshop where you will learn:
·         give a Womb Healing
·         give the Womb Blessing
·         teach women a simple self-healing technique
·         share with women the Womb Blessing meditation
You will also receive a ‘Moon Mother’ initiation / attunement on the first day which is a gift of the Divine Feminine energies and will make you a channel for this energy and vibration, helping you to cleanse your own patterns. You will be taught how to give a hands-on Womb Blessing to help women gently heal their femininity and their womb energy centre or ‘Sacred Grail’.
After the two day training workshop you will be a registered Moon Mother which means you will be able to give Womb Healing and Womb Blessings.
Working with the Womb Blessing energies changes us and changes our lives. Being a Moon Mother’ is a path for bringing the spiritual energies of the Divine Feminine into everyday life and connecting women in a single, loving, spiritual, and female family.’
The training workshop is open to all women of all ages, with a womb or without, with a cycle or without, with a medically managed cycle or a natural cycle. However, it is not recommended if you are pregnant.
I am pleased to announce Miranda's first Womb Blessing training workshop will be in London
When: 14 & 15th April
Where: Tara Yoga Centre, 25 - 31 Ironmonger Row, London, EC1V 3QW (10 mins. from Old Street)

Price: £200 or get the early bird price £180 before the 7th of April.
For bookings and checking availability please email miranda.gray@footmark.com

For enquiries you can contact me on belinda.garciareyes@gmail.com or on 07758 160191

Miranda is planning more Womb Blessing Training Workshops around the country and around Europe, so please check her website for more information.

I hope to see you there!
With love