Alexandra Pope

When I meet Alexandra Pope for the first time, I felt in love with her energy, her self-assured posture and her ideas about menstruation. Every single word that came out of her mouth was pure wisdom. She’s one of those women who you could listen for hours and hours. 

I meet Alexandra during the first screening of The Moon inside You back in 2009; she appears in the documentary as one of the featured experts along celebrities in the menstrual world such as Penelope Shuttle and the social anthropologist Chris Knight.

Alexandra was born in England and lived in Australia for 25 years; it’s only been three to four years since she decided to go back to England. The decision wasn’t easy but there was a wonderful opportunity ahead.

She now runs The Women’s Quest program, a project that would had not been possible without the encouragement and unconditional love of another beautiful mamma Goddess, who I meet dancing the five rhythms, Sjanie Hugo. 

The Women’s Quest is a project dedicated to women’s self-empowerment by acknowledging the menstrual cycle as the most important tool in womanhood. So far, Alexandra has taken The Women’s Quest to Italy and Spain and travels around England along Sjanie teaching menstrual awareness.

The need of this type of work all over the world is so great that The Women’s Quest has become a very successful program. So great that in fact last year Alexandra decided to run an apprenticeship study program, the first of its kind, which will focus on deepening our knowledge on the cycle. The apprenticeship program is dedicated to women who are keen to transmit this work back to their communities, just like in another time it would've been done from mother to daughter.  

Alexandra’s idea about menstruation is that one day girls and women of all ages will think it's super cool to have a cycle! But before that happens, we all have a lot of work to do.

It has taken Alexandra 30 years to put together The Women’s Quest apprenticeship program in its actual form, all of her menstrual life, as she well says, but I am sure it has all been worth it!

It is beacause of this that Alexandra has earned the title of wise woman and I feel blessed and deeply honored to be able to take part on her first apprenticeship program. She is a beautiful wombman, a great speaker, a natural leader, a wise mentor, a kind spirit.

Her second apprenticeship program starts in September 2012, for more information, you can visit her website or join The Women’s Quest community.

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