Ode to wise blood

Earliest humanity
believed menstrual blood coagulated into new life
Maoris and Africans thought human souls
were made of menstrual blood

The Greeks called it "supernatural red wine"
and the Celts, "red or royal mead"
One Norse god bathed in a river of menstrual blood
from the giantesses

The Chinese gained immortality by drinking
red yin juice
Egyptian Pharaohs defied their dead
with amulets of menstrual blood
In Mycenae, the word for "the people"
was "mother blood"

The Bible calls it "blood the flower"
or "fruit of the womb"
and Adam means "bloody clay"

Some called it
wise blood
moon dew
elixir of immortality

And the Goddess - given menstrual calendar
with thirteen annual lunar months
was established by Chinese women
three thousand years ago

That's a lot of history
to ignore
every twenty-eight days.

taken from the womens quest


  1. Powerful post, Meztlicihuatl, and good to keep in mind as my moon time approaches.

    blessings, and thank you for the reminder


Moon Woman, wild woman, I am grateful for your Shewolf footprint, in gratitude, thank you! ♥