Womb Blessing

Womb Blessing training workshop in London

It's already been twelve days since I took the Womb Blessing Training workshop and I feel the energies are still working through me. I feel the initiation/blessing has served as a firmer validation of who I am and my path, although there is still a lot to be done.  

The Womb Blessing training workshop was a very powerful, emotional and beautiful experience and it was lovely to finally meet Miranda Gray as we had been speaking about organizing something together for quiet sometime.

We are now 14 Moon Mothers in England which you will be able to contact for one on one Womb Blessings and Womb Healings. It was a real blessing meeting women from all over the country who are already doing some kind of work in the areas of sacred sexuality, menstrual work, rites of passage, Reiki, herbalism, family constellations, energy work, Divine Feminine, etc.

In our new role as Moon Mothers we will be helping Miranda during the next Distant Womb Blessing which I feel it’s going to be wonderful experience, not only because we are more women this time but because we might feel a stronger energy, who knows!

I really hope the number of Moon Mothers around the globe keeps growing as the more we are the more we will be able to help on distant blessings as well as on individual sessions, which only means we will be able to acompany more and more women on their journey.

As from yesterday we were 13,000 women registered for the Free Distant Womb Blessing. However, it seems women from the US and Canada are not very much involved, so if you are reading this and you are from this part of the world, please come and join us!

If you still don’t know what the Womb Blessing is, you can read about it here, and if you decide you want to join us just remember to register before the 3rd of May as registrations close that day.  

The Womb Blessing is a women only event, so why not gather with your best friends, family members and create your own circle of women. If you are in doubt about whether you should take part, just head over here, where you will be able to read what other women have been asking.  

I really hope you can join us!

Belinda, Moon Mother x


  1. Gorgeous work - thank you for holding sacred space for each one of us.


Moon Woman, wild woman, I am grateful for your Shewolf footprint, in gratitude, thank you! ♥