Consciously celebrating your pregnancy

I feel truly lucky to be part of different online women groups as it gives me the opportunity to meet wonderful women from all over the world. Women who are willing to share their path with other sisters so openly…so, today I have a beautiful guest from Germany and I am so excited about it!!!  

She is a beautiful goddess, mama, doula and a holistic pregnancy and birth coach who runs a website called Happy Within where she guides mamas-to-be worldwide to an extraordinary, powerful, life changing pregnancy and birth initiation. She is the beautiful Nora Amala Bugdoll or Nora for friends like you and me!
When I asked Nora if she would be willing to be my guest she immediately said YES! I felt so blessed by her email, her words and when I finally received her creations, I was so astounded at the beauty of her writing and her painting!
Nora talks on a regular basis about pregnancy and the spiritual transformation that comes with it. I get asked many times about this topic on email and facebook, and I could tell you what I know about it from an intellectual point of view but I haven’t gone through it myself so I am not the best person to talk about it but Nora is. So, make yourself comfortable, grab a cup of green tea, relax and enjoy Nora’s words from her womb to us…


When you are a woman who is conscious about the power that lies in her blood cycle, you won´t give up your body-soul-power entering a pregnancy. But mainstream pregnancy literature has nothing to say in this direction. So I am glad to share some insights and starting points today with you.

Our monthly blood is our body-connection to earth and part of our female wisdom. That's how it was seen in non-patriarchal cultures and how some of us decided to see it again. So when a woman does not give back her wise blood to earth but keeps it inside, she is growing a baby out of it, or otherwise keep it in her body and become a wise elder. This is biologically not true but its a really precise and empowering metaphor. So the woman is using her divine power to co-create this baby.

Pregnancy and Birth are a powerful initiation for your entire life and it will get more positive-powerful the more you are aware of it, although it will affect your entire life wether you like it or not and not only because you then will have a precious child but also because the way you will experience this transformation.

Modern society doesn’t encourage us to experience pregnancy from a point of personal power and responsibility, the opposite is true. But you can do it anyway – a path that will probably lead you more towards natural birth, breastfeeding, attachment parenting – your heart can guide you in these topics and if this isn’t you that´s fine too. Just stay in your own power, entering this new phase of your life. And this will be challenging enough, because everything changes. Literally every part of your body is affected and will change as well as your mind and psyche does and your baby does while growing inside your womb.

As the thread of consistency (in my mother tongue we call this the red(!) thread) in your pregnancy journey to connect with that strength you can use ritual and self-exploring through writing and drawing combined with connection which is a way to celebrate your path.

For that reason it is very helpful if you set up a pregnancy altar or a pregnancy corner. This can be a space that is dedicated to your own woman-power in general – to which pregnancy and birth are a part of. This corner or altar is there to help you remembering the power in you and reconnecting to it. You can add every touching positive empowering picture or everything that directly refers to pregnancy and birth from a point of women wisdom.

To be able to feel the connection and power during the ups and downs of pregnancy you will find it extremely helpful to deeply connect with other women. And if you connect from heart with other pregnant women or mothers you respect, you will feel probably more nourished and fulfilled as this is a connection every pregnant women at some level longs for. This is really helping your psyche in the transformation process if it is a woman-circle not only a fear- and comparing-centred chat with others. You can find this kind of experience in general spiritual women circles, in red tent gatherings and birth art cafe gatherings as well as in my virtual birthcircle.

A simple ritual you can do alone, as well as with a friend or a professional, is painting your belly. How about trying this out even if you still have your normal size belly. Just create a little self-love ritual around it, nourishing your senses: light some candles, play some music, maybe burn an incense  and embellish your belly with doodles and patterns. This powerful temple of life.
Later in pregnancy you for sure can´t wait to do this when your belly is rounded :) You really honour and cherish your body every time you are doing this.

And this is only the beginning. Get yourself a blank book or booklet and start a pregnancy journal. But the important things are not how much weight you gained and what symptoms you feel – although you can note this too. The important things are your feelings. Your sorrows, fears, thoughts. Take them seriously and write them down. This encourages your own wisdom, to show up and lead you to own insights for feeling better.

These are the simple steps to start experiencing a new and  life changing dimension of your pregnancy.

If you want to learn more, visit Happy Within and join Nora's online birthcircle!


  1. Meztli and Nora, thanks for sharing such an interesting post ~ I really like your ideas for honouring the incoming soul*


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