Temple of the Moon Goddess is probably one of my favorite CD's! It has 9 different songs, all beautiful and all related to a Goddess. Each song can also be related to our own individual phases of our cycle, so the energy that the song brings us is the energy that we can feel in a particular phase and can also relate to the particular energy of the Goddess.

I will post the videos I have made here and let you know which phase of the cycle this relates to, although these may be different for you.

Lilith, is the sensual Goddess, Lilith is the unconscious in each woman. Lilith to me represents our sexuality, sensuality, a deep connection to the self, intuitive knowledge. She can also be seen as the virgin goddess meaning she can holds her own energies.

Lilith can be felt during menstruation once we can get rid of those feelings of darkness and we arrive to love, knowledge and self-power. It can also be felt during ovulation when we are deeply connected with our sensual selves.

Invite Lilith to your life!

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