A wonderful rite of passage

The story I'm about to share with you, is a beautiful story written by Amrita Hobbs, an English teacher who lives in Australia and dedicates her time working with girls in rites of passage. 

In this story Amrita tells us about Alicia, a girl who is about to experience her menarche, a key change in every woman. 

Here, she describes an ideal world, something that Amrita wishes for every girl. The story is full of new possibilities and ideals, it plants new seeds in our subconscious and makes us realize that if every woman could grow up free of taboos, accepting what she is and her blood, the world would be a different place. 

I hope you enjoy it!


  1. Heart-warming story. The way back to ourselves.

  2. Beautiful, isn't it? a story to be passed on to our daughters!

    Thank you Linnette ♥


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